When we read about home decor online, it's often as part of a daydreamy version of reality. "One day", we think, "I'll remodel my entire home to look like that gorgeous set-up I saw on Pinterest". Or perhaps, you sigh, thinking that if only you had a clean, modern slate to work with — a brand new home — you could amp up your home's style. But in reality, you don't need to wait for your next home to create the space of your dreams. In fact, doing so is relatively simple — by simply incorporating several stylish elements into your home, you can transform it from a fairly standard space into a cutting-edge slice of inspiration for all who see it.

Subway Tiles

The simplest and most classic pieces of home decor often wield the most power. This is no more so the case than with subway tiles, the sleek inlays that have taken the nation's house & home community by storm over the past couple of years. The best part of opting for subway tiles rather than say, a ceramic or patterned tile, is that it's always in style. Over the years, you can change up and alternate various aspects of your home. With subway tiles as a smooth base in your bathroom or kitchen, almost anything will work.

Reclaimed Or Rustic Wood

Reclaimed wood doesn't necessarily have as much "style security" as subway tiles do, but is it ever lush right now. The best aspect of incorporating this trend into your home is that even a little bit of it packs a lot of punch. Home feel cold, impersonal? Simply tie in a bit of rich, radiant wood and your home can become a beacon of warmth and authenticity. Make sure not to go for high-finish, highly polished woods; the depth, knottiness, and grain of the currently sought-after woods are what make them so beautiful and rugged. A sliding barnwood door or a small stack of faux firewood can do wonders for a home's aesthetic and cozy factor. Even a simple log slab adds a rustic appeal that can't be beat.

Warm, Golden Lighting

Not sure what's causing that gloom in your house? If you have fluorescent or white lights, try switching those up before you overhaul everything else. Sure, LED lights are the way to go — but instead of just leaving them as-is, choose yellow-hued bulbs or lamp coverings that add warmth and subtlety to the light stream.



To add a wedge of contemporary sleekness and elegance without compromising the classic feel of your home, incorporate a few touches of slate or slate veneer into the home. This ashy, dark-grey stone adds unparalleled sophistication and offers excellent "bang for your buck" — even a small sampling of the sleek stone can transform a room, lending it an earthy yet cosmopolitan feel. Don't go overboard though; slate doesn't exactly scream "warmth" and too much of the rock can make a room feel overly stately, imposing, and chilly.

How have you spruced up your Greenville home? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!

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