The Most Important "To-Do's" on Your Spring/ Summer Cleaning List

Spring cleaning can offer a way to freshen up the indoor and outdoor spaces of your home, while cleaning away the dirt and dust that has accumulated over the winter season. Many people also take advantage of the spring cleaning season to de-clutter throughout the home and clean up storage spaces like the attic and garage. Whether you live in a small apartment, or a large multi-level home, spring cleaning can help make your home a happier place to live in. The following are some of the most important things to consider when writing out your spring cleaning "to-do" list.


Clean Out Attic and Garage

Both of these areas tend to be catch-all spaces for junk that you don't know what else to do with. This type of clutter can cause un-needed stress in the home as it takes up space and just makes the area feel smaller. It can be overwhelming to tackle one of these areas by yourself so getting help from a family member can be essential if you have a lot of stuff to go through. Be sure to have large trash bags as well as boxes for donations. Many people keep family heirlooms and keepsakes in the garage or attic and it can be tough to get rid of these items, but carefully consider what you want to keep and be sure to store it safely to prevent damage in storage.


Spruce Up the Yard

Warm spring weather likely means that you'll spend more time outdoors. Those who have a small space may simply need to sweep away fallen debris, add some potted plants, and do a quick cleaning of patio furniture. If you have a larger space, there are nearly endless possibilities of what you can do to clean up your outdoor space. Those who have grills or outdoor BBQ's may need to do a thorough cleaning of the grates and other parts of the grill before the grilling season begins. If you have a concrete patio or deck, you can rent a power washer to remove old dirt and debris. You may also wish to refinish your patio or deck once it has been cleaned. Cleaning the outdoor space can also mean removing dead plants to make space for new ones.


Clean the Carpets

The carpets in your home can suffer during the fall and winter months due to the tracking in of weather related dirt and mud. Spring can be the ideal time to clean your carpets. If you find yourself doing this job frequently, you may wish to invest in your own carpet shampooing device. You can also rent one from a local grocery store. It's important to carefully follow the directions when using a carpet shampooer and be sure to use detergent that is intended for that purpose to prevent damage to your carpets. Those who have lots of stains or ground in dirt may wish to call in carpet cleaning professionals.


Cleaning Windows Inside and Out

The bright spring sunshine can make the dirt show up on windows like never before. Many people don't take the time to clean the outside of windows during cold weather and this will show once you open the curtains to let in the sun. Once you clean the inside of your windows, you may notice that the outside of the windows are covered in dirt and built-up grime. If you have a one level home, cleaning the windows on your own may be fairly simple. For those with high windows it may be safer to call in professional window cleaners to ensure the job is done correctly.

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