On a similar topic to our recent post on how to vacation at home in Greenville, we're focusing this week's blog on capturing the essence of a luxury hotel within your home. When you think of emulating your most indulgent vacation experiences within your current house, the first word that might come to mind is "expensive". But making your home feel as inviting as that luxury hotel room you're still dreaming of is about much more —or rather, much less— than pricey purchases, high-end items, and swanky renovations. Rather than a collection of the most upscale items, the luxury hotel experience is crafted by a series of subtleties that contribute to the overall ambiance of peace and indulgence. It's not the antique gold-plated lamp post, the stone globe, or the lavishly carved balcony that makes these rooms so cozy. Instead, it's a combination of rather discreet dashes which cater to our most simple ideas of comfort and most can be accomplished with ease. Here are 8 ways you can make your bedroom feel just like a 5-star hotel room in all the most important ways.

Keep Beautiful, But Limited Bathroom Products

The bathroom is one of the first things we explore as we enter the temporary luxury space we've been bestowed with at a hotel. Its clean lines, sparkling surfaces, and seamless presentation showcase that perhaps the best way to accomplish elegance in a bathroom is simply to pare down to the essentials. All you'll find in a typical high-end hotel bathroom is bath soap, shampoo, conditioner, a razor, your dental accessories, a hair-dryer, and perhaps a bottle of aftershave. If you can limit yourself to a similar number of basic items, you'll have all you need and plenty of space to spare. Indulge in high-quality items (or ones you like) and pour them into beautiful, re-usable bottles. Now free of clutter and excess bathroom trinkets, you're free to unwind!

In Fact, Stick To The Essentials Everywhere

Staying in a luxury hotel room is an excellent reminder that we are able to live with many less items than we currently do — while actually feeling more advantaged. High-quality essentials add more to a home than a high quantity of pieces, so try to follow this rule post-checkout. When you get home, try to get rid of anything that doesn't bring you comfort and contentment and focus on refining the at-home experience.

Treat Yourself To A DIY Kitchenette/Morning Kitchen

The idea of a morning kitchen as a home staple is a relatively new concept, but that doesn't mean you can't draw inspiration from one into your current home. It also doesn't mean you'll need to do any overhauling. Simply add some of a morning kitchen's best features to your master bedroom to ensure a leisurely and sumptuous wake-up where all you need is right at your fingertips. An espresso machine? Why not! A mini wine-chiller, beverage fridge, or cupboard stocked with chocolate and cookies? Easily done. Add freshly cut flowers, a water pitcher, and a leather-covered ice bucket with a scoop for additional hotel homage.

Upgrade Your Sheets And Pillows

If you're going to upgrade one thing, make it your bed. This is where the biggest difference between most of our hotel and home experiences is highlighted. Even if you can't afford to splurge on a high-end mattress, simply trading in old sheets and pillows — or pillow cases — will make a huge difference in accomplishing that crisp, always-new feel that hotel rooms so effortlessly achieve.

Select Plush, Fluffy Towels

In this Time.com article on home selling tips, it's said that "big, fluffy, white towels can add $10,000 to the price of a home". We won't go that far, but they certainly make an impact. These posh additions mimic the decadence of hotel living while keeping things simple and minimalistic.



Add A Plush Rug

Hotel rooms are known for their deep, plush carpets, but if your home is carpet-free or you're unable to replace your low-pile, invest in just one luxurious rug. This can make all the difference in the morning; plus, it'll be much easier to clean than any other amount of carpeting.

Cultivate A Clean, Well-Lit Workplace

You know that cozy little workspace hotel rooms tend to have? It's tidy, it's uncluttered, and it always looks sleek and professional. Create your own little executive enclave with a small stately desk, an elegant desk lamp, and just enough space for your coffee mug, notepad, and laptop. Ensure it's located close to an outlet, and a window if possible. Limiting your workspace and its available storage will stop you from letting it get overwhelmed with paperwork and documents; this space can also double up as a reading nook or a place to pore over the morning paper.

Switch Out Your Window Treatments

What's the best part of being on vacation? Sleeping in of course! While luxury hotel rooms may opt for heavy, ornate curtains, this is impractical for most of us. Instead, get all the benefits of that extra sleep by choosing "blackout" roller shades which block out the light regardless of the time of day. Particularly useful on those bright summer mornings (and nights), these shades allow you to get some more shut-eye at your choosing — just like you're on holiday.

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