Greenville SC MLS Market Statistics  (02/01/2011 - 03/13/2011) 

Current Active Listings: 6,881

 Average List Price: $236,067 Average Days on Market (DOM): 168 
 New Listings for Period: 1,757  # Sold in Period: 574  Average List Price Sold: $165,397
     Average Sale Price Sold: $155,030
 Sale Price/List Price Ratio: 93.73%  Average DOM Sold: 117  Average List Price Unsold: $194,873

Narrative of Greenville SC Market Statistics

There are currently 6,881 active single-family residence listings in the Greenville SC MLS for the period listed above.  The average list price for active lsitings is: $236,067.  The average days on market for all actives is 168 days.

There were 1,757 new listings for the period and 574 homes sold in the same…

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Pending Sales in the Greater Greenville SC region decreased 38.2% since January 2010 to 323 agreements signed.  New Listing activity decreased 32.2%, which means sellers placed 1,052 new homes on the market.  At this rate, sellers should expect their properties to sell after approximately 111 days.

Prices Climbed upward.  Median Sales Price increased 3.8 percent over last January to $134,950.  Negotiations moved towards buyers as Percent of List Price Received at Sale decreased to 93.8 percent.  Months Supply of Inventory increased 5.8% to 12.6 months.

Interest rates are expected to remain around 5.0% and prices are expected to rise gradually in many markets.  Although the labor department reported that the seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate dropped…

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In today's competitive market, there are many homes with the same (or similar) floor plan in the same (or nearby) neighborhood up for sale.  When "location, location, location" is the same or similar, how do you separate your home from the competition?...

Curb Appeal!

Buying a home requires the seller to create an emotional attachment for the buyer from the moment they pull up in their car.  However, what is equally important in today's web-driven world of online home search is how your home's curb appeal translates to online photos - which is where most of your buyer prospects are coming from.

While how the home looks on the inside is equally important, the exterior is what people see FIRST.  As the old saying goes...  You only have ONE chance to make…

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Nothing makes me more irritated than when I feel like my time is wasted… especially if it could’ve been prevented all along!

Many of you know my wife and I just recently put our home up for sale ( – shameless plug I know).  My wife also just so happens to be a Realtor® and the Broker-in-Charge of Delco Realty Group, Inc. and has the listing on our home.  I overheard a conversation she was having with the buyer’s agent to get feedback on a showing…

My wife (listing agent): Hello, I wanted to follow up with you and get feedback from you / your clients on our home.

Buyer’s Agent:  OMG!  My clients LOVED your home.  In fact, the husband wanted to make an offer on the spot (serious mancave at my house – 4 car garage with 1/2…

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Your 24/7 Virtual Real Estate Agent! - Saved Searches

One of the most powerful features of the Delco Realty Group website is the ability to create Saved Searches (as many as you want, in fact!) and autoMAGICALLY be emailed a list of homes meeting your criteria, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Let's take you through a quick tutorial on how it works!

Step 1: Go to (You will most likely already be here if you are reading this blog post online).

Step 2: On the right side of the home page, there is a framed box called "My Account."  If you are not already registered on our website, click "Sign Up Here for Your FREE Account" below the "Log In" button


Step 3: Once signed up and logged in to your account, The "My Account" box will look…

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In a mortgage market that changes as quickly as this one, today’s fact is tomorrow’s fiction.  For buyers, misinformation can be the difference between qualifying for a home loan or not. Sellers and owners, knowledge is foreclosure-preventing, smart decision-making power! Without further ado, let’s correct some common mortgage misconceptions.

1.       Myth: Buyers with bad credit can’t qualify for home loans. Obviously, mortgage guidelines have tightened up, big time, since the housing bubble burst, and they seem likely to tighten even further over the long-term. But just this moment, they have relaxed a bit.  In the last couple of weeks, two of the nation’s largest lenders of FHA loans announced that they’ve dropped the minimum FICO score guideline from…

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